Hello world!

First piece of learning.

  1. I  have installed WordPress with MySQL (Technically Maria10) and PHP
  2. I have a WordPress blog site operational
  3. I now need to integrate it into the rest of the Quintic web site – which at present it certainly does not.

Bit of a chicken and egg situation. In order to implement the website as I want I need to learn about he exact same things that I want to post about.download The Magnificent Seven movie now

Order of learning / revision

  1. WordPress capabilities
  2. Html5
  3. css
  4. mysql & php
  5. javascript




Author: Daddy Raccoon

My chronological age is about twice my self-image age and about three times that of my maturity. I have two daughters and they both seemed to me to be older than me by the time they were twelve.

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