Development Environment

Added a few notes on this subject already interspaced in the other posts, but I thought it deserved a post in its own right.

This site is running on the beautifully little raspberry pi 3, which easily has the power to run LAMP plus WordPress. Not saying its the most responsive web site ever, but for the level of traffic I am anticipating it is fine, and power usage, even with the external drive is, at most 3A with idle consumption at next to nothing. However as a development env it isn’t up to the task. Even that maybe an unfair judgement, it is not one I have tested, however it does not have the tools that I am familiar with, and as I have the Pi set up headless, to have an effective dev env would mean adding mouse, keyboard, and at least two¬†good screens.

So I have now set-up a WAMP and am transferring the data over

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