OK – Had a quick JavaScript refresher course. The language itself was not an issue. It may have been about 15 years since my last major sojourn into JavaScript, but its a c-like language so no issues.

Did need to refresh on the DOM and other Global objects (window), plus how to integrate with media and events. I do now have a working structure for setting specific values depending on device type, orientation, browser and window size. It’s a bit clunky at the moment (too many IF statements), plus I want to better integrate CSS and JavaScript.

One interesting thing is that this is all being instigated and executed Client-Side. Not an issue with the amount of data we are downloading, but when I was last doing this kind of coding, the emphasis was very much on “Do whatever you can Server side to minimise what you download.”

Theme or Self Generation

WordPress Theme or Self Generation? That is the question. At the moment I do not have sufficient information. I have quite definite views of what I want the site to look like, and of course it has to work across all device types. I am pretty sure WordPress themes do scale nicely depending on device and orientation, and that would resolve a shortfall in my knowledge. However, I am not sure how to configure WordPress to give me the look and feel that I want, plus a part of me wants to fill in my lack of knowledge, plus I am also of the opinion, that before you can decide whether a third party product is up to the task, you need to know enough about the task to make a judgement.

On that basis I have decided to bite the bullet and hand-craft the site in VS2012. That will mean, at some point, working out how to integrate WordPress into a hand-crafted site, but I am sure I am not the first person to go down that route.


Quintic – The purpose of this web site


Big ambitions for first blog. The aim of this web-site is two fold.

  1. To keep a record of what I have learned and how I have used it, so that, maybe, I can give back something that I have taken from all the forums and helps sites that I have referenced.
  2. To include my thoughts and opinions on a few IT technologies

Hello world!

First piece of learning.

  1. I  have installed WordPress with MySQL (Technically Maria10) and PHP
  2. I have a WordPress blog site operational
  3. I now need to integrate it into the rest of the Quintic web site – which at present it certainly does not.

Bit of a chicken and egg situation. In order to implement the website as I want I need to learn about he exact same things that I want to post The Magnificent Seven movie now

Order of learning / revision

  1. WordPress capabilities
  2. Html5
  3. css
  4. mysql & php
  5. javascript