Added Contact page to Quintic web site. All the static pages are now templated. The initial page is initiated/controlled/set in the .htaccess file, which is good and removes the need for a redirect in index.html, as this is no longer the first page. However I have noticed that sometmes i am left with a blank page for the home page. Don’t know why.

Contacts page directs email to support@quintic.co.uk. which is now a user. Password is same as mine.

BLIKI entry. To start/stop/restart apache:

  • cd /etc/init.d
  • sudo apache2 -k stop/start/restart


It has been a while since I visited the Web Site, and even longer since I added to the blog. Reason – I started a new contract in Belfast – Great place btw – but it has meant that my focus has been on getting things together there, as opposed to setting up the web site. However back now.

The first thing I had to do was a refresher course on my Dev env set-up, passwords and state of the whole web site when I had left. Second thing was to register and delete the fifty or so SPAM ‘likes’. They are an annoyance, but that is all. The final thing was decide what my priorities were.

  1. Improve the blog visuals. Made a couple of small improvements. Need to run through the WordPress templates to get a better layout and text font.
  2. Bring everything up to date version wise.
  3. Investigate (and better still solve) the layout problem with the Web pages on certain devices
  4. Merge my Site with WordPress, including getting WordPress pages on the Quintic site menu and getting the theme for the WordPress pages aligned with the Quintic styles.

First part of the about. Start learning how WordPress sites are organised and work. Am starting with Themes.

WordPress themes are under …/wp-content/themes/<theme_name>. WordPress comes with a small number of standard themes named after the year they were published.  (eg twentysixteen).

With each theme directory are two important files:

  • styles.css
  • functions.php

As you can probably guess, these are the bootstrap files for loading the themes CSS and PHP functions.

Child Themes

Have created my first ‘Theme’. The easiest way to create a Theme is to sub-class from an existing theme, which is what I did. I sub-classed twentysixteen and then set the background of all <p> elements to a very light grey. Worked a treat. The instructions on the WordPress site are great and easy to follow.


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