Raspberry Pi


As you may have gethered, this site is running on a Raspberry Pi 3. The O/S is a standard Rasperian Jessie distro, with Apache2, MySql, PHP providing the Web Service and Citadel the Email service. And you what it is ‘almost’ brilliant. I will come on to the ‘Almost’ part in a moment, but first lets concentrate of the Brilliant part.

The Rapsberry Pi 3 is a doddle to set-up. There is massive support for this little device out there, with active forums, and lots of good open-source applications to gfet your teeth into. Solutions to most problems is usually just a DuckDuckGo query away, and when that doesn’t work a quick Sojourn to StackOverflow will usually result in a response within a few minutes.

I have my Raspberry Pi running headless (VNC to log-on and WinSCP for file transfer) with storage provided by a 64GByte SD card. Result is an acceptable (at least for me) Web and Email server running 24/7 and consuming almost no power. I can back up in a matter of minutes, and whilst I do try to minimise the risk of the site being hacked, should the worst happen, all I have to is re-write the SD card from back-up.

Almost Brilliant

The Almost bit. Well I have maybe a little bit too ambious. I had originally constructed my Web Site myself. Implementing a rudimentary CMS (Content Management System). However I then decided that I would like to start a Blog, and rather than try to re-invent all the functionality that goes with good blogging software, I would use WordPress. My first implementation worked fine, but the two aspects of the site were not intergrated. Basically I created directory called ‘Blog’ under my Web-Site and installed WordPress in ‘Blog’. It worked, but it looked as you would expect, like two different systems.

I then started to fully integrate my Web Site with the WordPress site. In addition, being a good citizen, I switched to HTTPS (not that there is anything that needs encrypting on this site) . The result: My site is now fully integrated with WordPress. It is much easier to manage than it would have been I have perservered with my own system, and it looks and feels like asingle Web Site. But it is slow. I am now pushing the poor old Raspberry Pi to its CPU limits.

Good news? Well I am sure a Raspberry Pi 4 will be along soon to solve the problem. 🙂

The other good news is that by investigating WordPress and how it implements PHP and CCS3 Sheets I have a learnt a great deal about both topics, which means I should be able to optimize a great deal and get the performance back up, because I am keeping faith with my little Raspberry Pi.

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