Janome JR 2403N robot. Definitely a robot as it is able to operate a range of tools that are positioned in its armature.

PC Programme. Two versions:

  • JR C-Points
  • JR C-Points Limited Edition.


Unit has the basic X, Y Z co-ords, with rotational control, R-axis. You program it to visit (PTP – Point to Point) certains points, or tell it to track to a given point (CP – Continous tracking). At each point or along each track you can tell it to perform a given set of instructions.There are embedded Point Job Data instructions – at least there is one that I know about, that is Dispense. However the implication from the basic manual is that you can instruct it to perform a number of operations all identified by a Point Job Data Number

There appears to be two sets of :

  • Point Job Data (1 – 100 : 101 – 200)
  • Sequencer Data (1 – 50 : 51 – 100)
  • Additional Function Data (1- 50 : 51 – 100)

All of the above have at a set available for Teaching Data (First range of numbers) and a set avialable under Customizing Data (Second range of numbers). Unclear at the moment what the difference is between the two or why there is this distinction.

Customizing Data can only be created under a given account, and this customizing data will only be avialable when Customizing, not in Teaching mode(? what).

“Customizing data is not available under teachnig mode, expect when creating Teaching mode customization data”

Basic Instructions Pg 30.

I think what they mean is that in Teaching Mode you can use the items created under Customizing, but you cannot access their defintion.

Point Job Data

This is used to define the functions to send to the robot tool. I believe you basically give it:

  • An Identifier (A name)
  • A Caption (How this is diferent from the name I don’t know)
  • Then what actions to take for each of the action types (eg)
    • Job before moving
    • Job while moving
    • Point job
    • Job while continous moving
  • Additional Functional data
  • Upto 5 variables to be set.


Four variable types.

  • Common setting variables (100)
  • Conditional Setting variables (100)
  • Global variables (500)
  • Keep variables. (500)


Initial info. A bit sketchy as it is detailed from the Teaching Pendant (Remote control unit) perspective, as opposed to a PC driving perspective. However best as I can determine, the set of programming istructions are:

  • ON/OFF output control
  • if Branch, Wait condition
  • Condition
  • Delay, Data In, Wait Start
  • Pallet Control
  • Execute Flow control
  • for, do-loop
  • Move
  • LCD control
  • Com Input/output
  • Variable, Comment, System Control
  • Camera, Z Adjustment

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