Quintic was formed in 2012 as an organisation whose primary income initially was to be derived from contracting which would fund application development The site here is intended to provide information and insight into a range of topics including:

  • HTML5, CSS3, and Dynamic Web Pages
  • C#/DotNet, WPF, MVC, SPAs, ASP.Net, Micro Services, Azure
  • IOS Apps
  • Raspberry Pi
  • State Oriented Programming – my personal soap box

HTML5HTML5, CCS3 and Dynamic Web pages

This provides a few tips and hints on HTML and CSS in general and then dives into Dynamic HTML, Ajax, and all the goodies that comprise HTML5

C#/DotNet, WPF

This is a quick overview of some of my favourite bits of C#/DotNet, WPF, WCF, Server-side development. Plus a sojourn into the DotNet Stack – ASP.NET, MVC, SPAs, Micro Services, Azure


Whilst I have developed iOS apps in both Objective C and Swift, the focus here is development of iOS Apps using XAMARIN and C#

Raspberry Pi

Given that this site is running on a Raspberry Pi 3 using a traditional Apache, MySql, PHP LAMP installation, augmented with Mono and Mono-Mod to provide the platform for the DotNet web applications and WordPress for Blogging, I couldn’t really not have a section on the little beastie, and the fun setting it up as a web server.

State Oriented Programming

This is my pet soap box topic. I have a mantra – “if statements are bad, don’t do if statements” (A take off of Mr MacKay, SouthPark). This section describes State Oriented Programming, which is about changing behaviour when state changes as oppposed to testing the state with ‘if statements’ to decide what behaviour to execute.