WordPress – Updates

Needed to Update the version of WordPress to 4.6. Well technically didn’t need to, but thought it best to. There are two routes to updating:

  1. Online using ftp to download the updates
  2. Offline using http GET to download the compressed file to disc and then manually updating at you leisure.

Option 1 seemed good – so gave it a try. Everything start OK then failed with the message ‘Could not create directory’. Slightly worrying as I thought I had full permissions across the WordPress directory. Also a bit annoying that it didn’t say which directory it could not create, however as always Google is your friend. Several web pages on this topic. The one that I found most useful was how-to-solve-wordpress-could-not-create-directory. From the web page about the only issue I could see was that root was the group owner of the directory that owned the WordPress directory. Changed that, retried, and everything went like clockwork. Did have a slight pause for concern when it seemed to be stuck on step six or seven (cannot remember which one), but it was just a case of waiting and letting it run

Updated to 4.7.3. With the ownership problem solved as above the whole process was straightforward. It does pause for a while on step 6 ‘Disabling Maintenance mode…’ which is when it is actually doing the installation, as this is the last step, but wait just a few minutes, then up comes the shiny new 4.7.3 logo.