Quintic – The purpose of this web site


Big ambitions for first blog. The aim of this web-site is two fold.

  1. To keep a record of what I have learned and how I have used it, so that, maybe, I can give back something that I have taken from all the forums and helps sites that I have referenced.
  2. To include my thoughts and opinions on a few IT technologies
  3. To create a Bliki web site. What’s a BLIKI, its a cross between  a Wiki and a Blog. Its purpose is for note taking and reference, to replace the A4 notepads I keep filling up.

The site has a lot of content. The Blog stiff is all WordPress but the technical stuff is under my own pages, outside of WordPress. I actually put together a small, but, I thought nice, content management framework. Not as extensive as WordPress, by a long long way, but fun and a good way of learning PHP with MySQL integration. Now I am moving on beyond that and am looking to fully integrate with WordPress, but I still want the look and feel of my current site – which is more complex than the standard WordPress themes provide. So its learn WordPress and create my own theme. See: Theme or Self-Generation

I have not added to this particular blog in a while. However, for some reason I do not understand, this post is the focus of all the spam that I receive. So I thought I would update the blog, so that all my spammers will receive an update email.

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