Spam and Trash

I have had my WordPress blog up and running now for a couple of years. Initially, being naive, I opened the site up for comments. It took me less than a day to realise that this was in fact opening up my site for spam after spam after span. So I disabled the comment function.

However, now that I have a bit more time, I re-enabled comment feature, and guess what… OK, not difficult to guess, incoming Spam after Spam after Spam. But you know what struck me? How inept was the spam. It is all so generic. It is all “Stummbled across your site…”, “A friend sent me this link….”, “What great content…”, “New insight into the subject….”.

Some are a little more sophisticated, in that they give what appears to be critical comment. “Color scheme and layout is poor..”, “Used to be enteraining, now just prosaic….”, “Problem loading images…”, but one thing the critical comments have in common with the paising comments is no context.

Seriously, spammers can you not inject some context into your message. Something that makes it more than just regurgitate fish entrails. With the data analysis and dissemination tools available today, you spammers really need to raise your game and incorporate something believable into the spam. Come on, even just the title of blog would be start.!!!!

So I challenge all WordPress blog spammers out there…Generate a Spam message that I believe is actually genuine.

In turn I promise that I will publish and re-blog all comments I receive that I cannot immediately identify as Spam.


Fives days and not even a sniff of a context driven Spam. Obviously my site is not worth the effort. Still will keep watching. Maybe Huawei will take an interest . Thats an interesting debate, but that is a different topic

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