Web Page Dynamics. Problems and Solutions

Case 1

So I have a problem. The Web Site look pretty good as long as the visible area is approximately the same size as the background image. However re-size the viewable area and we get a couple of problems:

  1. The text (certainly of the About page) extends below the image and encroaches on the footer. (Not sure why the footer does not move down).
  2. Even if the footer did move down, we would be a situation of a having a ‘GAP’ between the background image and the footer.

Need to think about this one.

Oh and have decided to rename Blogs – Blog. It seems to be an agreed ‘standard’ and add it to the menu bar at the top of the pages. The easiest way to achieve this was to add a soft link (ln -s) from blogs to blog, and then under Settings>General change both urls to point to blog. So far this seems to be working a treat.


So the site pages (Home, About, Contact, Policy)  are a known ‘Fixed’ size and can retain a fixed size screen structure, with a single background image.

For dynamic pages (Blog and all topic pages) I will have to forego the background image, and will need to come up with a theme/scheme instead.

Replaced the images on the About page with half size ones – looks much better.

Narrowed the central area to 60%, and increased the Nav and Aside areas to 20% each. has improved the look, and means that when reading (at least in landscape) your eyes are not having to scan.


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